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An illumination in Blackpool

Blackpool. The Vegas of the north. The city of lights.

The Blackpool illuminations are world famous, the great closing ceremony of the summer season. The first set of Blackpool illuminations were hung in 1879, and since then, every year hundreds of thousands of cars pass under the glistening globes as people watch with wonder from their windows. The illuminations shine from 70-80 nights depending on the year and some people even visit the wonder more than once a time. 

But has your car broken down in Blackpool? Have you held up the queue? Is it time for you to scrap your car for money? Well why not give The Scrappers a call. If your MOT has failed in Blackpool, don’t let your ride hold you back. 

Trust The Scrappers to scrap your car, environmentally friendly

No matter where you are in Blackpool, we will come and pick your car up, all you need is some photographic ID and we can give you a cheque. Whether we take your car for breaking, selling or scrapping, we will always give you the best price in the area. Some companies tell you one figure on the quotation and then charge you for the collection service, not us. 

There are no hidden charges when you deal with us. We will give you a definite price on the phone and all the collection is free. We even deal with any administration costs. 

If you’re stuck in Blackpool give us a call today on 01204 388 488

scrapa car in Blackpool

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