Access a great scrap car network today with The Scrappers

Most people looking to scrap their vehicle may not be aware that there is a great scrap car network available and you can access this wherever you are with The Scrappers.

There are many benefits to using a network and the main one is that they will be near enough to pick up your scrap vehicle as soon as possible and giving you an instant cash price.

scrap car network
Accessing a great scrap car network is easy when you use The Scrappers.

This means there’s no need to call several scrapyards in a bid to find someone willing to take your vehicle, pick it up and pay the best price when The Scrappers will do this for you.

For anybody is thinking of scrapping their car, there’s no need to spend ages online finding scrapyards and the best prices since you can source an online quote quickly and join thousands of happy customers. The process is straightforward when it comes to accessing a car scrapping network.

Scrapping your unwanted vehicle

Firstly, you will get an instant quote for scrapping your unwanted vehicle by simply entering your vehicle’s registration number and the postcode of where the vehicle is on The Scrappers site.

The Scrappers’ network will offer an instant quote and if you wish to go ahead then you can arrange a free collection of your vehicle.

Secondly, this free collection will be arranged at a convenient time to suit you.

You will need the V5C logbook, and any other DVLA paperwork, to hand to the network representative to ensure the legal side can be dealt with properly and so you will receive a certificate of destruction, which is the legal document showing you have disposed of your unwanted vehicle in a responsible way.

Thirdly, your car is not simply crushed since those items that can be recycled will be removed for this purpose. Lots of these parts may head overseas to help others repair and maintain their vehicle.

Also, the scrap vehicle will then have the fluids and oils carefully removed so they do not contaminate the land.

A scrapyard that can issue a certificate of destruction

We should also highlight that not only will your unwanted old car be scrapped carefully, but you should be using a scrapyard that can issue a certificate of destruction because not all scrapyards will be able to do this.

That’s because the scrap car network you access with The Scrappers uses scrap yards monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure we comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

Failing to use a recognised scrapyard means you may be liable to a fine and a criminal record for not disposing of your vehicle properly. It’s not worth the risk, particularly if you think you can earn more with an unrecognised yard because you are still legally responsible for whatever happens to your scrap vehicle after you hand it over to these yards.