Picture of a claw picking up a piece of scrap metal from a heap of parts

Some of the Everyday Uses for Scrap Metal

Everyone knows that we scrap cars here, and most people will know that doing so creates scrap metal. What fewer people might know, however, is what happens to that scrap metal after it’s been produced. That’s why we’re taking a look at some of the everyday uses for scrap metal in this, our latest blog post.

The Scrappers Ltd have written a blog post before about the environmental benefits of metal recycling, but here we’re delving a little deeper into some of the alternative uses for the leftover metals.


In packaging

This point is probably the most obvious one we’re going to make, but scrap metal is constantly being reused in packaging for a variety of products. Aluminum is frequently used for drinks cans, for example, even if the idea that you’re drinking out of someone’s car seems a little odd!


On the construction site

A number of metals commonly found in cars are also extremely useful in the construction industry. For example, aluminium and iron are extremely useful in a number of structures, such as bridges, girders, and parts of roads. Vehicles themselves often take advantage of scrap metal, too; aeroplanes use a lot of aluminium, for example, due to its lightweight properties.



Furniture, both inside and outside of the house, very often consists of metals. Some of the very best metal benches and table sets are made from scrap metal. Again, why hold onto your vehicle when it could be adding to the aesthetics of someone’s garden?



Believe it or not, this one’s actually quite a substantial point. Although not one of the primary uses for scrap metal, the materials commonly found at scrap yards have made many an appearance in art exhibitions. Sculptures and other expressive pieces have been made entirely out of ex-cars. Car parts, pipes, and unused poles can all be crafted into art, provided the viewer is open to something a little bit different.


The Scrappers Ltd

Hopefully you’ve found our overview of the uses for scrap metal interesting and, in some cases, maybe a little surprising.
It’s clear from this that you’re never just wasting resources when you come to The Scrappers Ltd; you get money, and someone else gets metal. Scrapping constitutes a perfect, sustainable cycle, that also happens to benefit the environment. Get in touch with us today to see how you could fit in! You can call us on 01204 388 488, or fill out one of our online contact forms.