Ismail Ahmad – Bolton College – Work Experience – 2017.

Welcome to the Scrap Yard.

So, here I am, on a cold and bone chilling Monday. The fact that it’s a Monday really doesn’t help matters…

…but before we go into all those details, I think an introduction is due!

My name is Ismail, (said like Ishmail though) and I’m currently doing some work experience for my computing course. It’s a mandatory thing, so we all have to have at least thirty hours of working time in a functioning, business-like environment.

So it’s all very formal. Or so I thought…

I arrived at about 8:45 AM, after finding myself aimlessly driving around, trying to find this place. I really didn’t know where I was supposed to be looking or indeed, what I was looking for. So, after a quick friendly chat with the reception, I found my way.

The place was typical of a car demolishing site;

  • Big, burly men in reflective jackets.
  • A car graveyard, with cars of motoring past.
  • A huge, terrifying grabber arm, that stood silently in the middle of the courtyard, gently swaying ominously in the wind.
  • And a weird, gasoline-oily type of smell. Still haven’t deduced the source, but I’ll update you when I can.

So, like I said, fairly typical.

The place was deserted at this time, only a couple people littered the place, but it was early hours, so it was to be expected.

After scanning the place for a while, I stumbled across a quiet and cozy looking cafe. “Ooooh, that’s odd.” was my first impression. A totally justified impression. I mean, what’s the one thing you don’t think of when thinking of a huge site like this.

A cafe, that’s what.

It was quite amusing actually. This tiny, small place standing stubbornly in a huge potentially dangerous place. There’s a lesson to be learned here, but I haven’t got the willpower to work it out, didn’t even have my coffee! Cut me a break. Jeesh.

But, mum always taught me to be as accepting as possible, so I did just that. I treaded over to the door, and put my hand on the door handle. “A cafe on a scarp yard.” “Heh.” One final reluctant look around me and I stepped inside…


No other way to describe it. Just as sudden as that.

Don’t worry though, it wasn’t a dangerous “Boof.”. But more a warm and pleasant “Boof.” The smell of freshly baked bakeries complimented the warm interior of the cafe. It was amazing, actually.

The cold and harsh outside of the place, clashing with the sweet and innocent cafe was remarkable. Both so different, yet keeping each other in perfect unison and balance was like art.

Okay, I really need that coffee…

But no time for hot beverages, I don’t want to be late on the first day. I asked a nice looking gentleman enjoying his breakfast, where the man I was supposed to meet was and if I he could point me in his direction.

A Mr. “Dave Brownrigg”. That’s a relief, the best guys to be around are usually called Dave, and that’s exactly the type of guy I wanted to watch over me for my week here. A laid back, cool type of guy, who could have a laugh.

That’s the orthodox definition of “Dave”, right? I sure hoped so.

“Sure thing, I’ll go get him for you.” said the nice gentleman, and he walked off.

“Huh, if I can persuade others this easily, this week will be a doddle.” I thought.

I decided to take a seat and fiddled with the salt and pepper shakers, because I hate being bored.

So, while I was sat down, starting to get bored, and checked my watch, the door opened again.

“He’s on his way down, now.” said nice gentleman.

“Great, thanks for your hel-.” I half replied, since another man walked through the doorway now. One man that can only be described as Dave.

Dave was a modest looking man, complete with a shaved head and glasses. He had a nice smile, and generally looked like a great chap. Jackpot

After a formal introduction and a quick chat, Dave lead us up.

Oh, forgot to mention, two others had arrived while I was waiting. Danny, who was from my class at college and Joe who was doing some motoring stuff, that I’m not too sure about, but he was from the same college as us too. So, that was nice.

Dave went through a load of heath and safety documents, and it all got a bit wide eyed and everyone got a bit panicky, since it seemed like Dave was intent on making us feel safety conscious, but that was his job, and he was doing it pretty damn well.

After that, we all got set to work, Joe went his own way, and Danny and I got working on our blogs.

And, that’s that. I’m quite excited actually. Here’s to a peaceful and productive week!

(Probably not going to work as easy as that though.)

This is Ismail, signing out…

Catch ya later!