Danny Balmer Bolton College Work Experience – 2017

The Scrappers

For my work experience at Bolton College, I have been sent to The Scrappers to work on various IT related work for the business for one week, this is my first day (08/05/17) of the work experience, Ii will be working until the end of the week (12/05/17). I am currently on a BTEC Level 3 IT course at Bolton College, which I have been doing for two years now. as part of the induction I have gone through the basics of health and safety and precautions of both the office and the work yard. I have also been shown a map of the area and have been walked through where all of the various places are around the site.

When I first entered the site, I felt that it had a positive feel and the staff were all friendly and informative of where to go and places to avoid on the site, as well as informing me of what I will be working on and the tasks that i will be performing.with my time here. I will be doing work for the website of the company and various other things such as advertising the company on social media and their merchandise online as well. I will also go around the site taking pictures of the various activities the work force here at The Scrappers go through on a day to day basis which I will use to advertise the company.

As an IT student I have been taught in various subjects which I am relatively skilled in such as graphic design and coding for websites, which will be useful to the work I will be doing here at The Scrappers. I have also been taught how to dismantle a computer and and repair any faults that it may have.  There are also other people working with me too, as part of the work experience there is also another IT student who is working with me and two other mechanic students as well, who will be working on stuff that an actual mechanic will have to do in the workplace.

The Scrappers here also featured on Dave, on a program of the same name, in which a film crew cam to the site to film the work force and staff on a day to day basis, which took a total of six months. The scrappers are also featured in the newspaper with students that were also on work experience here.