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5 tips to ‘scrap my car’

For anyone who is searching online with the term ‘scrap my car’, then you may appreciate that getting the best price can appear to be a daunting task and it’s not always an obvious route to getting the vehicle’s best valuation.

That’s not the case when you use The Scrappers who have many years of experience in scrapping thousands of cars and vans and these tips may help your search to find a quality scrapyard.

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Looking to scrap my car? Here are 5 tips to help from The Scrappers.

Tip 1

Using an online valuation tool to work out how much your scrap car is worth will help you find out which scrapping firm is offering the most money, but you also need to understand some other issues such as the age and weight of the vehicle. You can use the vehicle valuation tool for an instant quote and then arrange for your vehicle to be picked up.

Tip 2

This second tip is aimed at having the scrapping firm pick up your vehicle from your home or workplace because this sometimes has an impact on the price being quoted. If you can take your vehicle to the scrapyard, then this may be a way of earning more for it.

Tip 3

To get the best scrap price for a car, it is best to be honest and accurate about the condition of your car when it comes to scrapping it. This also means that you shouldn’t really remove any parts from it, for example, the gearbox, in an effort to earn more from your scrap vehicle. The scrapping firm is making an offer on the entire vehicle, regardless of its condition.

Tip 4

When speaking with The Scrappers, for example, it’s worth mentioning any optional extras that are on the vehicle such as leather seats, a built-in satnav or alloy wheels. Most car salvage firms will pay extra for these items.

Tip 5

It’s also important for those who are scrapping their car to appreciate that the law has changed. It’s now illegal for a vehicle scrapping firm such as The Scrappers to pay cash when they pick up your vehicle and they must make a payment via a business cheque or using a bank transfer. Anyone offering cash for your vehicle should be avoided.

Finally, it’s always worthwhile shopping around to get a better scrap price but this can be a time-consuming exercise when The Scrappers will offer the best price available.

One reason for this is that they are not only an established operation with a network of reliable and reputable agents around the UK, but they need quality scrap vehicles for breaking and sending spare parts to overseas buyers.

So, if you’re looking online for ways to ‘scrap my car’ and earn the best money, the process is straightforward with The Scrappers and you can contact the friendly team on (01204) 388488.