5 Tips on how to ‘Scrap my car’ to earn the best price!

Scrap my car – if it’s no longer worth spending money on repairs to keep your car running, it’s probably best to look at how you can scrap it and earn the best price.

This means contacting the experts at The Scrappers who can pick up your car at a time and location to suit you – and offer the most money.

Otherwise, these tips on how you can ‘scrap my car best prices paid’ will help.

There are other reasons for scrapping your car which may include it being an MOT failure or it may have a mechanical issue that costs more than the car is worth to correct.

However, it’s important to appreciate that while we talk about scrapping your car, it is better described as recycling since most of the car will be reused and what remains will be scrapped.

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Need to scrap my car? You need The Scrappers …

Scrapping my car

Indeed, if you are searching online with the term scrap my car near me, it’s important to appreciate too that The Scrappers can pick up your car wherever you are.

Though you should be wary if you contact a scrapyard which offers the ‘scrap car highest price UK’ – and offer to pick up your car for cash because this is now illegal – the government made it so to reduce metal theft.

Instead, you must now be paid by cheque or by bank transfer directly into your account.

Also, any scrapyard offering to pay cash is unlikely to give you a certificate of destruction which is proof that you have disposed of your car legally.

This means the best way to comply with the law and ensure your car is recycled properly, is to use an authorised treatment facility which is monitored by the Environment Agency.

Along with being reassured that your car will be recycled, it’s also important to appreciate that your vehicle will be properly depolluted and the waste materials handled correctly – and The Scrappers is one of these facilities.

Free scrap car collection service

Along with their free scrap car collection service, the team will also inform DVLA that your car has been dismantled and you are no longer legally responsible for it.

This free collection service is a boon for those who may not be able to start their car or they may not be able to move it legally or safely.

The best way of finding out how much your scrap car is worth is to use an online quotation service which will give its scrap value or search for ‘scrap my car instant quote’.

The Scrappers also offer this service, or you can contact them directly, and they can arrange a free pick-up once you have agreed on the price.

But why use The Scrappers? Along with being an authorised treatment facility, the scrap yard is also a reputable one so will carefully recycle as much of your car because there is a thriving market for spare parts.

In addition, they are also able to pay a premium because spare parts from some makes, for example BMW and Mercedes, are in demand.

If you would like to know more about how you can ‘scrap my car’ to get the best price, then it’s time to contact the experts at The Scrappers on (01204) 388488.