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How to scrap a car and get the best price

How do I know how much my scrap vehicle is actually worth?

Have you ever wondered how to scrap a car and get the best price?

Or if you can sell a car to a scrap yard.

Maybe even “how do I know how much my scrap vehicle is actually worth?”

Well, have no fear, The Scrappers are here! And we pay the best rates going for scrap vehicles and vehicles for sale.

So if you’re wondering “can I sell a car to a scrap yard near Manchester?” the answer is yes.

Because we buy any car at The Scrappers. So we buy vehicles that are dead or alive. 

And if your car is dead, don’t worry as we can come and collect your vehicle for free. 

It’s all part of the service The Scrappers provide. We believe in putting you, the customer, first and that means we will always go that extra mile.

Scrapping your vehicle with The Scrappers couldn’t be easier. You can either call us and get a quote for your vehicle over the phone or visit us online. Our number is 01204 388488.

And because we buy any car, we have many vehicles that we break for useful parts. That means we have access to thousands of quality cheap used car parts which can save you a fortune.


Sp if you want to scrap or sell a vehicle dial 01204 388488 and choose option two for sales.

And if you need a used vehicle part dial 01204 388488 option one for parts.

As an authorised treatment facility (ATF) you are in safe hands with a scrap and salvage team who adhere to strict recycling and de-pollution rules.

Not only do The Scrappers want to save their customers money, they want to help save the planet too. 

The Scrappers are after all makes and models of vehicles, in any condition. So don’t worry about the state of your vehicle. Just drop them a line and make the most money from scrapping a vehicle today. Or make the most money from selling a used vehicle today. We cover the whole of the North West region, so don’t be shy, come say hi and scrap or sell your vehicle! 

And if you have scrap metal to sell contact JAW Metals who pay the best rates for ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Click on the link here to see what they’re about. Make extra money while demand is high.