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Find a trusted car scrap yard near me

Where is the best vehicle scrapyard near me?

There is a fast and easy way to scrap your car and it’s staring you right in the face – The Scrappers!

If you own a wreck, have an accident damaged, or clapped out car we want to know about it.

You may be wondering, “where is the best vehicle scrapyard near me?” well, hopefully we’ve popped up during your searches.

The Scrappers takes pride in looking after our customers and giving them a stressful and friendly service. 

We need cars, dead or alive, so whatever you’re selling – The Scrappers are buying! 

There are plenty of car scrap yards Manchester way, but did you know The Scrappers pride themselves on paying the most?! 

And we cover the whole of the North West with collection agents all over the region so if you’re looking for “car scrap yard near me” we can take care of it. 

It’s never been easier to scrap a car Bolton or anywhere else in the region. All you have to do is call us on 01204 388488 or you can pop online and give us a shout that way.

We buy all makes and models of vehicles in any condition. 

So if you have been wanting to “find a trusted car scrap yard near me” contact The Scrappers today.

Aldo, did you know The Scrappers buy scrap metal too? So if you’re wondering where you can get top prices for scrap copper, for example, get in touch today.


We actually have a separate arm dedicated to scrap metal and always paying the best prices for all grades of scrap metal too. JAW Metals will get you a belting deal on your scrap metal. JAW Metals buys ferrous and non-ferrous metals. So if you’re searching for the top paying scrap metal dealers near Manchester – contact them today!

And if you’re scrapping your car give us a call or go on our website for a quote.

Demand for scrap vehicles and scrap metal is at an all time high so why not cash in big time with The Scrappers and JAW Metals. 

Make money today and sell your scrap vehicle for the best price with The Scrappers.

Come and see us at our yard in Bolton, or just pick up the phone.

We are a trusted and reliable ATF (authorised treatment facility) meaning we are government recognised and regulated. 

So if you’ve been searching for a reliable car scrap yard near Manchester – come toThe Scrappers!