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Find local scrap car dealer near me today

Who pays top cash for scrap cars near me?

Your motor’s had it, it’s kaput and you’ve been frantically searching for “scrap car dealers near me”.

Then hopefully if you’re based in the north west you’ve found us – The Scrappers!

We cover the whole region and can pay you the best rate for your scrap vehicle. 

You could be looking for “scrap my car Manchester” or “scrap my car Salford.

Perhaps you’re searching to “scrap my car Bolton” or “scrap my car Bury”. Then let The Scrappers scrap your vehicle. 

Maybe you’ve been wondering, “where do I find local scrap car dealer near me today” no problem. Because if you’re in the North West, The Scrappers are near.

Our enormous scrap yard is in Bolton, but we have agents all over the region so they come and collect your scrap car for free and take it away giving you the best fee!


Perhaps you’ve been searching for “scrap car dealers and breakers near me”, let The Scrappers see to that. 

Or you’ve been looking to find “who pays top cash for scrap cars near me?” let The Scrappers sort you pal!

We pay over the odds for scrap vehicles because we care about car in whatever state they’re in. So if you want to find the top paying scrap dealers in the North West speak to The Scrappers.

We are an ATF (authorised treatment facility) so we treat all scrap cars with respect and greenly. Our aim is to recycle as much of a scrap vehicle as possible in order to keep carbon footprint as tiny as possible. In fact it’s more of a carbon tiptoe! 

So why not get the best payout and do the environment a favour and choose The Scrappers.

Just call 01204 388488 or go online for a quote in seconds. 

The Scrappers – we give you the best deals for your scrap wheels. 

And if you want to sell scrap metal, why not get in touch with JAW Metals. If you’ve been wondering, “where is a scrap metal merchants near me?” contact JAW. They pay the best rates going for all grades of metal from ferrous to non-ferrous. Why not check out their website and see what they can do for you.