Buy a cheap replacement engine Bolton

Buy a cheap replacement engine Manchester

See this steering wheel here?

It’ll come in wheely handy for a customer who need a replacement steering wheel.

All he had to do was contact the Northwest’s friendliest scrap and breakers yard The Scrappers who steered him in the right direction.

We love helping the good people of Bolton and beyond when it comes to cheap replacement car parts. It helps keep motorists on the road for less, something that matters now more than ever.

And it’s also why The Scrappers like to offer generous payouts for scrap cars too.

We’ve always offered that bit extra compared to our competitors. So if you want to scrap a car in Bolton or sell a car in Bolton – get in touch.

May we remind you we’re not just Bolton based, we cover all the northwest region so give us a call on go online.

And we have been known to even reach out further afield if it’s a car or van we really need.

The first thing you need to do is you’ve decided to sell or scrap a car is call us. Our number is 01204 388488 or you can contact us online

We’ll take a few details and then offer you a price. If you accept, then happy days we can arrange collection fo your vehicle at a time that works for you. The Scrappers pretty much operate on a 24/7 basis. Our drivers are often seen out and about collecting cars and vans at night. So don’t worry, we can always come and get your motor when it suits you.


We also like to put people’s mind at ease when it comes to the DVLA paperwork part.

It can be daunting for some people, but don’t worry – we’ve had 35 years experience int he car scrapping game. The Scrappers are a name you can trust.

It’s also worth mentioning that we’re an ATF, that stands for Authorised Treatment Facility. It means we deal with scrap vehicles in a safe and green manner. We actually recycle as much of a vehicle as possible. 

Which comes back to the quality used car parts at cheap prices part. If you need a steering wheel or a replacement engine. Say you’ve been searching to buy a cheap replacement engine Bolton way – call us. Or you may have been searching to buy a cheap replacement engine Manchester way – get in touch.

You may even have been searching to buy a cheap replacement engine online – bingo! Let The Scrappers sort you out.

Just call us on 01204 388488 and we do our utmost to help you. From scrapping or selling a vehicle, to buying cheap used car parts – talk to The Scrappers! 

And if you have scrap metal to sell please contact JAW Metals – scrap metal dealers who will offer you the best price for all grades of scrap metal.