Where can I sell my used car Bolton

I need to scrap my car today Bolton

Come on, let’s be having you! 

The Scrappers are on a massive drive for more scrap vehicles.

We want cars, vans, buses, trucks, motorbikes and plant machinery. Oh, and we’ll take your scrap metal too. That means we pay the best prices going for ferrous and non-ferrous metal. So what are you waiting for!

There’s still plenty of time to scrap a car Bolton way and get a decent payout before Christmas. 

If you’ve been searching for the best scrapyard in the North West of England – you need The Scrappers.

We serve the whole region and we can come and collect your scrap vehicle and your scrap metal too. Why not reach out to us online or by calling 01204 388488. 


The Scrappers also sell quality used car parts in the North West and actually we stretch beyond that perimeter. 

We actually ship many used car parts overseas and we can ship parts to you too.

So if you’re based outside the North West, worry not. Shipment is available.

We have 1000s of used car parts in stock, so why not get in touch.

The Scrappers is a never ending feeding machine – meaning we constantly need to snap up more vehicles. So if you’ve decided, “I need to scrap my car today Bolton” why not get in touch.

Or perhaps you have a vehicle to sell. That’s fine and dandy with us. The Scrappers don’t just buy in scrap vehicles – they want to buy runners too. So if you want to sell my car Bolton please drop us a line. You might be wondering, “who pays the most for used cars Bolton way?” The answer is The Scrappers. We can guarantee you a quick sale, fuss free and stress free too! 

You might be wondering, “where can I sell my used car Bolton” again, you know who to call.

Whether your vehicle is a runner or non-runner, The Scrappers want to hear about it.

So go on, do the right thing and call us up today. Dial 01204 388488 or go online and get a valuation in seconds. 

The Scrappers – the fair, fuss-free and friendly way to part with your old vehicle. 

And if you do have scrap metal to sell, you can go direct to JAW Metals – part of The Scrappers family. They pay the best prices for all grades of metal.