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Britain’s best scrapyard The Scrappers have donated used tyres to a local charity which helps those who have fallen on difficult times in the area.

Bolton Community Kitchen helps feed the homeless, vulnerable, elderly and ex-forces twice a week.

This non-profit charity, solely run by volunteers, also has an allotment opposite their bi-weekly venue at Bolton Rugby club . There, they grow fruit and veg and provide a chilled and serene setting for people who need it.

The donated used tyres, 100 in all, will be used to build a retaining wall at the allotment which will grow beautiful wild flowers and provide a tranquil area when they come into bloom next spring.

Charity chairman Gareth Bradbury explains more:

“We get around 35 people a session, 70 a week which is less than before Covid,” he said.

“Anybody who turns up gets a good meal and a chat. We are open Wednesday nights and Friday afternoons at Bolton Rugby Club.

“We needed the tyres to build a retaining wall which will provide a big wild garden with wildflowers. It’ll be a place for people to relax and unwind.”


Bolton Community Kitchen was set up over eight years ago and solely relies on donations and volunteers.

“The allotment is for people to grow their own vegetable and fruit, chill out and have a brew,” Gareth explained. 

“It’s a place for us to help build up their confidence and get them back into society.”

The charity is currently on the lookout for more building materials which could help the allotment, such as wood and top soil. 

They are also looking for donations of spongy soft walk and other gardening materials. 

“Donations and volunteers are always welcome and much appreciated,” added Gareth.

To get involved click on the link here 


Terry Walker, founder and boss of The Scrappers stated why it’s important to support local good causes.

“It shows how recycling is at the heart of what we do at The Scrappers,” he said.

“And when recycling is coupled with helping a worthy cause, that makes it even better and our concern thoroughly worthwhile.”

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