How Do I Scrap My Van?


Quick question… How do you remove a removal van? You call The Scrappers!

Removal vans, like an other van, will at some point see their final day.

And that’s where we can come in.

Did you know The Scrappers are always on the look out for scrap vans?

From removal vans to caravans and everything in between. 

So if you have a van to scrap why not give them a shout.

It really could be any type of van.

They are always looking for scrap work vans as well as well as scrap camper vans, scrap caravans and motorhomes too.

You might have an old hot dog van that’s become a banger itself.


If it’s being a silly sausage – you know who to call! 

The Scrappers are also partial to mini busses, so if you have a minibus you want to scrap why not drop them a line today.

Perhaps you own a fleet of mini busses you want to shift. No problem at all. The Scrappers can collect your fleet and pay you well in the process.

You could have a range of removal vans that you want to get rid of.

Then why not scrap you removal vans with The Scrappers.

Vans and trucks predominantly used for work purposes can take a beating over time, often transporting heavy goods and covering hundreds of thousands of miles.

And when it’s time to give up the ghost, call The Scrappers who will pay you the best price for your work van.

You may be sat in your van right now and it’s clunking and clanking and letting out some dodgy smells.

And you’re fed up chucking good money after bad. 

So a sensible option might be to scrap it.


If you’re thinking, “how do I scrap my van?” contact The Scrappers.

We are an ATF (authorised treatment facility) which means with follows government guidelines in handling scrap vehicles in the correct manner required. 

Perhaps your van is an insurance write-off, then contact The Scrappers.

We buy insurance write-offs. So if you are thinking, “scrap my insurance write-off van” then contact us. Or if you’re thinking, “scrap my insurance write-off” contact The Scrappers.

Call us on 01204 388488. Or go online and pop in a few simple details about your vehicle. You’ll get a quote in seconds.

So if you’re thinking, “scrap my van Bolton”, contact The Scrappers.

Or you’re thinking, “scrap my van Manchester,” contact The Scrappers today.

Ve vant your van!! 

Contact 01204 388488.

Or if you want to sell a car or a van click on this little link here.