Who Will Buy My Van?


Does your van make you feel anxious, is it giving you VANxiety? 

Then perhaps it’s time to scrap your van with the Scrappers.

Your van may be old, your van may be rusty, your van may not drive anymore. Not a problem when it comes to the Scrappers as they are interested in buying any type of van. 

The Scrappers are based in Bolton just on the outskirts of Manchester. It’s fair to say The Scrappers are the capital of Vanchester.

You might be thinking why would The Scrappers want my old rusty van? The answer is simple, so they can break it for parts and use the parts for other vans.


That old van can help another van back on the road again. It’s what The Scrappers call Vanderful. And you don’t have to live in Bolton, you don’t have to live in Manchester either. You don’t have to live anywhere near the north of England to scrap a van or sell a van to The Scrappers.

They have van collecting agents all across the UK who can come and collect your van for you. They will pay you a handsome price for your van and you can use the money for something else – perhaps a new van. Alternatively you may have a van that is in good running order but you want to sell it.

Contact the Scrappers to sell your van and they will pay you the best price. If you want van parts get in touch too. They have hundreds of van parts.

You see, when it comes to vans the Scrappers deal in every aspect and with every make and model of a van. 

So if you have a Berlingo van or a Ford transit van or a VW van, from camper to work van – any type of van they will buy!

If it’s an accident damaged van they will also buy it, if it’s a non-runner too.

Just pick up the phone dial 01204388488 or go online and speak to a member of staff. Realistically you could sell your van in a day. How easy would that be especially if you are in need of the cash.


And did you know The Scrappers pay the best prices for vans so if you want to sell a van you know where to go!

Perhaps you are after van parts, a new engine, a new van steering wheel.

Whatever van part you are after, talk to The Scrappers and they will help you find that part. Their van parts are cheaper than new and by recycling you are helping to make the world a greener place. It goes without saying The Scrappers also buy cars too.

If you want to sell a car or scrap a car get in touch with their top car loving team.

So if you’re thinking, “who buys Ford Transit vans?”, think The Scrappers. If you are wondering, “who will buy my van?” think The Scrappers.  Or if you think “who buys BMWs?” or “who buys any van?” it’s The Scrappers.

Think Van, think The Scrappers – paying you the best my man!