Where can I sell my car Manchester?


With a name like the Scrappers, you’d think it was just scrap cars we were after…

Well think again!

Yes of course we do buy cars for scrap, but it goes way way further than that.

We also buy running cars and we pay well for them. Car-ching!! 🤑

So if you have a running car you want to sell not scrap, did you know you can contact The Scrappers and sell you car to them? Usually on the same day too.

You may be thinking one of the following, “I want to sell my BMW’, “I want to sell my Mercedes”, “I want to sell my Land Rover,” ‘I want to sell my Range Rover”.

Or you might be thinking, ‘who will pay me the most for my Jaguar’, ‘where can I sell my Range Rover quickly?,” to The Scrappers of course!

They will buy running cars. And not just higher end runners either. They will buy any running car.

So don’t rest on your laurels and lose money, when you can sell you car today and get great pay!

You may also be thinking, “where can I sell my car Bolton?” or “where can I sell my car Manchester?” the answers is The Scrappers. Maybe you’re thinking, “where can I sell my car Wigan?” or “where can I sell my car near me?”, contact The Scrappers. No matter where you are based they have drivers who come and collect your car too. That means once you have sold your car, you don’t have to worry about shipping it anywhere, they can come and collect it for you.


It’s the most stress free way to sell a car these days.

No pricey ads in fancy car mags, no mother with internet faffery. Just a straightforward get in touch with The Scrappersand you’re done.

And did you know if you’re selling a car for export you will often get a better price for it too. Over recent years the Scrappers have built up relationships with car companies overseas meaning your car is wanted more than ever and that can be reflected in the price.

We buy running cars and non-running cars. We buy late model cars for breaking.

If you’re thinking, “can I sell my accident damaged car?” the answer is yes, yes you can!

You can complete the vehicle valuation form online and get a valuation for your car. Not just a scrap valuation. You’ll get an answer in minutes too.

So why not make today the day you part with that car you want to sell and contact The Scrappers.

Take the faff, expense and stress out of selling your car the old fashioned way, and try The Scrappers instead!

And don’t worry if you have a car that needs some attention, then The Scrappers can assist you too. They sell quality used car parts and even offer a delivery service. So don’t worry if you’re not close to their Bolton salvage yard because parts can be posted!

You can even search for parts online or simply give the team a ring on 01204388488.

The Scrappers – more than your average scrap yard!