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Scrap A Car Glasgow

Scrap My Car Glasgow

Making money on a car that you no longer want or need can be the best bonus when you’re getting rid of your vehicle, however, with the fluctuating price of scrap, sometimes you won’t be offered the price that you think your old car is worth. However, here at The Scrappers, we’ll always try and beat any quote that you have been given on a car.

If you live in or around the Glasgow area, we can offer you a free scrap car collection, and what’s more, we’ll pay you in cash when we remove the vehicle. The Scrappers will never deduct admin fees from the price of your car and we’ll even help you out when you need to notify the DVLA about the change of ownership of your car.

Free Collection On Your Scrap Car

Choosing to scrap a car in Glasgow has never been easier, all you have to do is call our professional team of vehicle valuators who will offer you a fair price on your car, and that is exactly what you will receive in cash if you choose us. You will then be able to choose an time and location for the collection of your car and we’ll send our driver to you.

We have a national network of scrap car collection agents, so if you want to scrap my car Glasgow today, we could have a driver with you in no time. Whatever the make or model of your car, we can take it off your hands. What’s more, we will make sure that it is scrapped in the most environmentally friendly way.

The Best ATF in the North West

We are a leading Authorised Treatment Facility, with over 25 years of experience in the scrapping industry. This means that we will always make sure that your car is depolluted properly, and up to the Environmental Agency standards. When you scrap a car Glasgow with us, we’ll first make sure that any good, working part is removed and cleaned, before being put on sale. The next step is remove any hazardous waste, and dispose of this with a leading company, Finally, when the car is just a shell, we will scrap it and the metal can be used again. Our business is all about recycling.

So why not give us a call today to scrap my car Glasgow? Catch us on 01204 388 488 or fill in the online form the send the team a scrapping request.

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