2003 Toyota Yaris S VVT-I hatchback here to be destroyed

Our car salvage yard just took in this 2003 Toyota Yaris S VVT-I with a 1 litre petrol engine. There’s nothing exciting about the Yaris but we’re still fans – it’s a good little runaround, they’ve got reasonably reliable engines, and the word is quite nice to say. Say it with me – “Yaris”. But this car, oh yes – this car is extra special. Its missing hubcab was once used used to serve dinner to the Queen! So if you want a part from a Toyota Yaris that’s missing a part that might have once had a plate of chips on it that was then wolfed down by our majesty, head on down to our car breakers yard today or call 01204 388 488!

Toyota Yaris S VVT-I