2001 Peugeot 206 GLX 16V hatchback in our car breakers – MS9029


The Peugeot 206 is a bit of an interesting model. It didn’t really have much change in the car in a full 10 years. In fact the only change they did make was a bit of a cheap facelift in 2003. Proving to be an outstanding first car if you was 17 and couldn’t afford anything else. This means they sold millions. With the engine ranging from a tiny 1.0 litre to an impressive 2.0 litre engine. It didn’t matter if you was 21 or 36 because they had a 206 to suit you. And because so many of these cars were sold in the late 90’s and early 2000. It seems like they have all of a sudden they have all just broken down in one year. Because at our scrap yard over the last 15 month they have been ten a penny. So this 206 much like the rest is going to be turned into a big cube in the scrapping process. If you still have a 206 on the road and you are looking for spare parts. Give The Scrappers a call on: 01204 388488