2001 KIA Carens SX 5STR with 1.8 l petrol engine at our car breaker for car breaking – MS3561

This KIA Carens SX 5STR is here at our scrap car specialists today, with a 1.8 litre petrol engine, here for breaking.

This practical, spacious family car was probably once responsible for getting the kids to school, doing the weekly shop and travelling the country in the summer holidays. Unfortunately, the nearside rear quarter panel has taken a whack, making it as good as immobile.

The rest of the car is in very good condition, even the 1.8 litre TB engine starts first time, every time! This makes it a real shame as a decent car has had to be removed from the road. This however brings fortune to you, as you have now found a Kia Carens breaking for spare parts.

Get your Kia Carens into shape; get it back to the condition it should be in. You can do so by coming down to The Scrappers, we will do our best to help you get it into that condition!