2001 BMW 3 Series 330ci SE in black in our Bolton car breakers yard – MS3384

Check out this BMW 3 Series 330ci SE in black with a 3 litre petrol engine, landed at our car breakers yard in Bolton! Tango man sure makes this scrap BMW look like a shiner! Shame to see such a nice car in to be dismantled for spare parts, this coupé would one day have been a posers summer tool and now the only posing it will be doing is showing it’s under-side to the car below it!

It has a huge, longitudinally mounted 3 litre straight-6 M54B30 engine that produces the harmony to 'woo' any orchestra! So, if the engine in your BMW 330ci is no longer producing an orchestra wooing harmony, come down to The Scrappers BMW car breakers and get a perfect replacement – we even offer warranty on all of our BMW engines too!