2000 Renault Megane Sport 16V coupe here at our car breakers to be destroyed – MS3492

Our car salvage yard just took in this 2000 Renault Megané Sport 16V with a 1.4 litre petrol engine.

The owner of this sporty yellow Megané coupé is probably smiling due to the amount of attention she is about to have lifted off her shoulders! It would be an understatement to say this yellow is bold in colour! One thing for sure, it is certainly an happy colour – all it needs is bunch of black strips are we can impersonate a road legal bumble bee!

This bumble bee is packing a 1.4 litre K4J750 engine that is capable of getting from 0-Honey in 11 seconds! This honey worthy engine is also available for you to purchase if you are in need of a 1.4 litre used Renault engine.

Come down to our scrap yard and grab some cheap parts today, we are the number one car breakers for the people of Blackburn.