2000 Hyundai Accent I hatchback here at our car breakers to be destroyed – MS3442

We have just taken ownership of this 2000 Hyundai Accent, it has ended up here to be scrapped because it is missing a wheel trim, poor Hyundai. Nothing is wrong with its 1.3 litre g4ea petrol engine; nothing is wrong with its special edition transparent glass windows and certainly nothing wrong with its light up headlamps! Just the missing wheel trim is the decider on scrapping this lovely car. A sad story that could make any grown man shed some tears.

So, give this car a chance to live its life further through your Hyundai by coming down to The Scrappers and using parts from this breaking vehicle to repair any faulty parts on yours. We offer real good deals and even offer a short warranty with them too! Don't let this scrap car go to scrap heaven without accepting its organ donated goodies.