1999 Volkswagen Golf E SDI diesel in Gold, here to get scrapped – MS3474

1999 Volkswagen Golf E SDI, 1.9 litre diesel engine, here at our car breakers – if you're from the North West then come check it out! This scrap Golf looks gold enough to smelt into gold ingots, however we feel that this golf will be scrapped via our on-site baler, the paint is just deceiving!

The car was brought here because of that wing ding, look at it…it is a total and utter write-off! No salvageable parts of this Golf unfortunately (hope you don’t actually believe us, that was just a poor attempt at sarcasm!) .

All parts on this car are available to purchase by you as an honoured customer, this includes the 1.9 SDI Diesel AGP engine that is in excellent condition. Come and visit our Greater Manchester based car breakers today, your welcome to look around our breaking cars and have a cup of tea at our on-site café if you wish!