1999 Seat Cordoba Vario SE TDI diesel in yellow for scrap near Manchester – MS3439

BIG BANANA! This 1999 Seat Cordoba SE TDI estate has just entered our scrap yard at The Scrappers in Bolton. It has a 1.9 Turbo Diesel Injection engine, making it the slickest mellow-yellow-turbo in our yard!

Although it looks like an old rotted garden shed, that engine under the bonnet is a true soldier! The diesel engines in these cars are absolutely bullet-proof, they can take so much abuse, yet start up flawlessly every morning.

So, if you have a Seat Cordoba TDI that you have managed to blow the engine on, then you are one lethal individual and  luckily for you, we may have a quality engine sat here awaiting your ownership.

If you need any parts from this car, we suggest you come down to The Scrappers today and get some mellow-yellow parts.