1999 Renault Kangoo 1.9d 865d with 1.9 litre diesel engine at your friendly local car breaker

We love Renaults at The Scrappers car salvage yard Bolton. This Kangoo 1.9d 865d has a 1.9 litre diesel engine. It’s beautiful, except we didn’t take a photo of it so you’ll have to imagine..

Picture an idyllic, deep-blue beach, the sun setting, waves gently crashing against the shore. Slowly, a silhouette rises over the horizon – a vulture. It spots a dilapidated Renault Kangoo lying on the sand, parts strewn amongst the seaweed, a crab poking at its headlamp. The vulture circles the Kangoo, when out of nowhere – GASP! – a pickup van barrels across the waterfront, wheels screeching, scaring that loathsome bird away. Who could be here to save this injured Renault? Which hero has blessed this dying beast? It’s only The Scrappers – Bolton’s favourite scrap yard!

And then we go and ruin the story by heartlessly breaking it up into bits when we get it back to the yard.