1999 Jaguar S-TYPE SE V6 saloon for scrap near Manchester

This Jaguar S-Type SE V6 is here at our scrap car specialists today, with a 3 litre petrol engine, here for breaking. We love high-end cars like this, even mucky ones that seem to be covered in algae. This car was originally blue, believe it or not. If you’re looking to scrap your Jaguar (or your Mercedes, or your BMW, or your Lexus) with us, and you’re worried you won’t get offered a price which suits the prestige of your motor, fear not – we appreciate your car’s sexiness just as much as you do! So call us today on 01204 388 488 or fill in the form to the right, and get your high-end automobiles down to our car breakers yard today!

Jaguar S-TYPE SE V6