1998 Toyota Avensis CDX saloon, here to get scrapped – MS3524

Toyota Avensis CDX with a petrol engine, 1.8 litre, in our car breakers today!

The owner of this Toyota Avensis looks very proud, it shows that this car has served him very well in its time of his ownership (or maybe he knows the car is cursed and he is passign on a curse?).

This car will be dismantled on entering our yard; Toyotas are high on the priority list for exporting. The Scrappers are very committed in the export business, we export: cars, engines and parts to different countries across the African continent. The Toyota Avensis is one of the highest priority on the export list, the heat in that continent causes many levels of struggles for engines and parts, even the super reliable 7A-FE engine struggles to cope with the conditions, so we at The Scrappers offer used Toyota engines to replace engines in that part of the world.

If you are in need of parts for your Toyota Avensis, why not come down to our yard today! These parts are removed nearly instantaneously, so you must be quick before they are shipped overseas!