1998 Suzuki Wagon R+ GL estate, here to get scrapped – MS3503

1998 Suzuki Wagon R+ GL, 1 litre petrol engine, here at our car breakers – if you're from the North West then come check it out!

Look how small this little chariot looks on the back of our recovery truck! I bet we could fit two of these little nippers on the back comfortably! These cars are getting much rarer by the day, if you love your Suzuki Wagon R and wish to see it on the road in the future but there are faulty parts that are pushing it toward the scrap pile, then come down to The Scrappers and get some parts from this scrap Suzuki Wagon R+. All parts are in excellent condition and the 1.0 litre K10A engine is still beating very strong!

Get down to our Manchester car breakers and see what we have in stock.