1997 Ford Fiesta Flight hatchback for scrap near Manchester – MS3592

Check out this 1997 Ford Fiesta Flight with a blue finish at The Scrappers's car breakers.

Look at the proud owner, perching on the bonnet of his pride and joy, with his Aladdin slippers gripping tight on the dusty pale-blue paintwork! It must have broken his heart when his Fiesta lost its life, the age of the vehicle just doesn’t seem plausible for repair. Therefore, The Scrappers gave this owner the opportunity to scrap his Ford Fiesta and get some cash for it!

If you have a Ford Fiesta that you needs replacement parts, you can scavenge parts from this one (except a front bumper and passenger-side wing), including parts and ancillaries from the 1.3 litre J4C engine. We have a great stock of Fords breaking at our Ford car breakers and hundreds of used Ford engines.

Come down to The Scrappers today and make your car strong and healthy with cheap parts from our Northwest breakers yard, otherwise you might be another Aladdin perching on the bonnet of your car!