1 in 6 drivers has ‘fallen asleep at the wheel’


A survey has revealed that one in six drivers has fallen asleep at the wheel and here at The Scrappers we give our verdict.

Here at The Scrappers we have been alarmed to hear that one in six drivers in the UK has fallen asleep at the wheel, according to a survey.
The findings highlight the 42% of drivers have driven when feeling drowsy and believed they may have been in danger of nodding off.
There’s also an issue with delivery drivers suffering with fatigue because of increasing pressures on their delivery times.
Growing numbers of modern cars and vans now have a monitoring system to check whether the driver is feeling tired and will sound an alarm when it detects this.
There are also other systems you could buy to install that will recognise when the driver is falling asleep and will alert them to wake up. The system can also alert fleet managers to see which of their drivers is fatigued.

Drivers believed they were a danger to themselves

The findings from SmartWitness points out that 47% of those drivers questioned believed they were a danger not only to themselves but other road users when tired.
The problem, it appears, is much worse among men than it is for women with just 10% of women saying they have fallen asleep when driving compared to 24% of men.
Most drivers, it is around 89%, say they drive when tired because they must get behind the wheel for family reasons or for work purposes.
And just 48% of drivers who are feeling tired will stop and take a break which follows government warnings. This should be a much higher figure, The Scrappers believe.
Most of us will open a window when driving tired in a bid to wake up, that’s for 48% of us, followed by drinking coffee, for 37%, and 24% opt to use chewing gum as a method to wake up.
Others turn up the radio or turn the heating to cold.

Tiredness related collisions among drivers

The big revelation behind the survey is that tiredness related collisions among drivers are three times more likely to result in serious injury or be fatal because of the high impact speed of the vehicle and the lack of the driver of avoiding action.
A spokesman for SmartWitness said: “Driver fatigue is a big killer on our roads and we need to do more to raise awareness of what is a major threat to road safety.”
This is an issue we endorse and everybody should take time out when they are feeling tired to help avoid causing accidents or even near collisions with other road users.
Using technology that will alert you if you are driving tired is also highly recommended and if you drive an old car and are thinking of upgrading to a newer model, this driver alert system is certainly worth considering.

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