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Drive a diesel car? Prepare to pay a toxin tax of up to £20 a DAY

A new anti-pollution policy could hit the pockets of diesel drivers
Drive a diesel car? Then you could soon be coughing up extra cash. That’s because plans are reportedly afoot for a new ‘toxin tax’ of up to £20 a DAY - part of a bid to tackle air pollution. The new crackdown was unveiled this week by Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom, according to the Sunday Times . It reports around 35 towns and cities will have bans on diesel cars and commercial vehicles, daily charges on the m entering the busiest areas, or a mixture of the two Up to 10 million cars could be affected in cities including Leeds, Southampton, Nottingham and Derby, it's reported. It's not yet known if Greater Manchester will be included in the plan, but there is an emphasis on reducing emissions in the Greater Manchester Transport Strategy up to 2 [...]
I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. the scrappers hello my name is Dominik and this is my first blog entry.i am 19 years old and i do Btec IT level 3 in Bolton College and as a part of my course i need to complete 30 hours of work experience which i'm doing now at the scrappers. this placement should be from 22/05/2017 to  26/05/2017. my friend from college had the same work placement two weeks before me his name is Cameron and he told me how the scrappers been on the TV which at the time i dint know anything about the TV show so when i got the letter that i will be doing the work experience at the scrappers i got into watching the series and i actually find it very entertaining the people that are working at the scrappers have their own unique personality which made the TV show stand out. scrapp [...]
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the scrappersHello and welcome to my blog entry. I will start of by introducing myself:
I am Brandon Wright currently 19 and go to Bolton College and study IT. I am here today at The Scrappers to do work experience. I have watched the TV show so was pretty excited to know that I will be working here doing IT related work with people I recognise through the TV Show. (Which by the way is a pretty entertaining TV Show). I am here completing 30 hours and I have to record it in a booklet I have been given by Bolton College.

This is my first day here and the introduction was given by David Brownwnrigg. He went through the introduction with us while throwing in a bit of humour here

I am currently study Btec Level 3 IT at Bolton College. For the course I have to complete 30 hours of work experience which I shall be doing at The Scrappers a choice made by the college. The placement is from  15/05/2017 till 19/05/2017.  The college's  letter  describing the placement said to wear smart casual this ended up being a massive miscalculation on there part as oill on the floor of the office and storage area ruined two pairs of my jean and my shoes. Next for the induction we first went health and safety such as fire exits areas we are allowed  and those were not. After covering the basics we headed to the office area behind the wing mirror and headlight storage. As there was no way for us to do IT the first day we primarily moved thing such as car doors from one location to another. However the next day we started to do tasks IT related the first being to write a blog post about are ourself, the induction and our experiences this far. Including  myself there is one other IT student doing work experience at The Scrappers. While you may think writing the blog would've been the hardest part of this task  it was infact getting the computers to connect [...]
So this is a thing, then. All right. I suppose I have to introduce myself. Ladies and men of the gentle kind, hello and welcome to The Scrappers blog. I am Robert and I will be today's host for this blog entry. I am a student from Bolton College doing my work experience here at The Scrappers. This is my first official day here despite the fact that I was here just yesterday. Moving car doors and  headlights around wasn't the greatest experience ever but here I am, waiting to be inducted and get right into the thick of it. As part of our course, were told that we had to do at least 30 hours of work experience otherwise we wouldn't be able to progress to the next level of our course. To me, 30 hours is not enough to warrant not progressing to the next level. Personally, I think doing a month of work experience is the ideal amount as it will set the industry requirement for students. Regardless, let's talk about the knowledge that I gathered from the college. Having done units such as Website Design, Hardware Maintenance, Sofware Design and Maintenance, Graphics Design, you name it, I got a pretty good idea of what the IT industry has to offer and what its requirements are. So here I am today at The Scrappers, finishing [..

Diesel drivers could be forced to scrap their old polluting car according to the new Diesel car scrapping scheme. They can be offered £2,000 to have it scrapped.  The scheme was brought about because the UK’s air pollution level was thought to be too high. The UK however is not the only country to have these laws brought about, France also has a scheme like this as well.

The Scrappers For my work experience at Bolton College, I have been sent to The Scrappers to work on various IT related work for the business for one week, this is my first day (08/05/17) of the work experience, Ii will be working until the end of the week (12/05/17). I am currently on a BTEC Level 3 IT course at Bolton College, which I have been doing for two years now. as part of the induction I have gone through the basics of health and safety and precautions of both the office and the work yard. I have also been shown a map of the area and have been walked through where all of the various places are around the site. When I first entered the site, I felt that it had a positive feel and the staff were all friendly and informative of where to go and places to avoid on the site, as well as informing me of what I will be working on and the tasks that i will be performing.with my time here. I will be doing work for the website of the company and various other things such as advertising the company on social media and their merchandise online as well. I will also go around the site taking pictures of the various activities the work force here at The Scrappers go through on a day to day basis which I will use to advertise the c [..
Welcome to the Scrap Yard. So, here I am, on a cold and bone chilling Monday. The fact that it's a Monday really doesn't help matters... ...but before we go into all those details, I think an introduction is due! My name is Ismail, (said like Ishmail though) and I'm currently doing some work experience for my computing course. It's a mandatory thing, so we all have to have at least thirty hours of working time in a functioning, business-like environment.

So it's all very formal. Or so I thought...

I arrived at about 8:45 AM, after finding myself aimlessly driving around, trying to find this place. I really didn't know where I was supposed to be looking or indeed, what I was looking for. So, after a quick friendly chat with the reception, I found my way. The place was typical of a car demolishing site; Big, burly men in reflective jackets. A car graveyard, with cars of motoring past. A huge, terrifying grabber arm, that stood silently in the middle of the courtyard, gently swaying ominously in the wind. And a weird, gasoline-oily type of smell. Still haven't deduced the source, but I'll update you when I can. So, like I said, fairly typical. The place was [...]

Bolton college has sent two young students, who are doing a level 2 Motor vehicle maintenance course, and are on their second year out of three, to do a work placement at Metro salvage. The two students, are called Eddie and Mohammed who both want to finish their qualifications and certificates to move onto work after they leave college. One of the students has already planned out what he is going to do after he leaves college. He already has the opportunity to work with a company that works on sports cars and super cars as long as he meets the requirements with his qualifications. Michael McKenzie is training the two students and giving them the experience they need for when they go out into the big world. Michael is an auto electrician, which is someone who works primarily with the electronic faults within vehicles. He has been showing the what they need to do and how to do it. One of the things they have been working is repairing vehicles, taking a tire off and working on other components which wouldn't accessible without removing the tire. Because the vehicles can be dirty and dangerous if safety precautions aren't taken. The students need to wear appropriate clothing and wear safety glasses when below the car. The c [
Two young men from Bolton College started their work experience today as mechanics who will help out with the repairing of cars as well as learning how to do other practical tasks within the busy and industrial working environment. This blog will be documenting what they have been up to today and what they will be continuing to be doing throughout the week, images will be provided to show and document their progress. We where introduced to Micheal on behalf of AEO (Auto Electrician Online) who was in charge of the activities that the young mechanics where apart of, whose names are Eddie and Mohamed. AEO is an extension of Metro Salvage and they are responsible for repairing electrical faults with the cars and make sure they are up to scratch and fit for MOT. As a result the young mechanics where hard at work replacing parts of the car and operating on it, this ranged from the removals of the wheels to the replacement of the break paddles. They got the full experience and where left to operate on the car in their own time like they had years already in the making. As the two lads where getting along with their work they told me about how they had future plans on working in the motor industry working with the Super cars of the
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