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The Scrappers are involved in all aspects of the car salvage industry, we ARE the innovators in breaking cars for parts, exporting and recycling and depollution methods. We are also the number one car dismantling site in the North West. Here at The Scrappers, our aim is to ensure that each and every customer gets the top level of customer service, from the minute they pick up the phone to the part where they sell a car for cash or make used car part request followed up to the final point of contact where the car is collected or the part is delivered.

When you need to sell a car, whether it be for scrap or as accident damaged salvage, we’ll always thrive in giving you the best price or more likely, what you deserve rightfully for your car. As a leading late model breakers, we are always looking to buy cars which can be dismantled for parts, which means we are always on the hunt for later models. Due to our enthusiasm for obtaining late-model vehicles, we can cater for all our customers, we stock thousands of parts, including used engines and reconditioned gearboxes.

Why not get in touch with us today for a reliable, trustworthy service. You can sell your car to us and make some cash. Or buy used engines, gearboxes and parts and get your car back on the road. Call our friendly team on 01204 388 488.


wamitab-accreditWAMITAB is an awarding organisation and charity that develops qualifications and certificates for those working in: waste management and recycling, ELV facilities management.

We work directly with industry leaders and our staff have qualifications that provide  fit-for-purpose skills for the workplace, we pride ourselves in safety and work based training for all our staff.



[bolded]ANY CAR [/bolded] ANY CONDITION

Sell your car for cash today, simply call the team at The Scrappers to initiate the Scrappage process. Once we buy your car, you’re guaranteed the best price in cash! You can sell your car fast and with confidence at The Scrappers, due to our long experience in the scrap car industry and therefore being the largest car depollution plant in the North West. We are also the leading salvage car dealers in the North West, dedicated to getting each and every customer the best prices when they want to sell a salvage car.




As one of the leading late model breakers yards in the UK, we have a constant stock of used engines for sale. If you have been looking to buy a used engine or salvage gearboxes, The Scrappers could have just the thing you need in stock.For all makes and models we have cheap engines for sale, which will come with a 28 day warranty as standard, and we can guarantee that each engine is checked and tested for quality before being delivered to you.



 [bolded]WE SELL [/bolded] USED CAR PARTS

As the North West’s leading late model car breakers, we stock a massive amount of auto spares for many makes and models.The Scrappers have thousands of used car parts for sale, which are guaranteed to get your motor back to its best. All parts are genuine, and can be removed for the salvage vehicle the very same day. We buy up to 40 cars to break for parts each and every day, and our stock is vast and varied.


[bolded]WELCOME [/bolded] TO THE SCRAPPERS

Welcome to The Scrappers, one of the biggest and best car breaker yards and salvage car buyers in the North West. Based in Bolton, we have been in the industry for over 25 years, and are one of the leading services in buying and recycling salvage cars and parts. If you want to sell a car for salvage today, call us, we buy cars on a national scale, paying the best prices.

Breaking and salvaging cars is just one part of what we do here at The Scrappers; through our vast and ultra-efficient, nationwide network of scrap car collection agents, we source a huge number of used car parts, from the huge amount of late models that we buy on a daily basis.


We work closely with the Environment Agency to ensure that every car is recycled to the highest of standards. What’s more, as a car breakers yard, before we even think about crushing the car and recycling its metal, we’ll first remove any car parts, including the engine and gearbox, if they are in a good condition. This means that we’ll reuse any working car parts.

With over 25 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on being head and shoulders above the rest. We’re always looking and discovering innovative ways and techniques about the industry and always look to the future. So why not give the team at our car breakers yard a call today, on 01204 388 488? Or explore our website, for updates on what we can do for you.

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